Presentation Training

No matter whether you're giving a speech; making a presentation; or holding a lecture: clearly conveying your message is a learned skill. In my seminar, you will learn to give presentations that captivate your audience. You will learn what you need to pay attention to during a speech, lecture, or presentation and what role your clothing, style, and body language play. You won't just get abstract knowledge, you'll also have plenty of opportunities to try out and practice what you've learned.

Seminar Goals

You will learn the basics of speaking clearly and will be able to name the most important points for a lecture, speech, or presentation. You will learn the fundamentals of descriptive language and be able to apply them in your lecture, speech, or presentation. You will understand Aristotle's writings on dramaturgy and will be able to apply these to your own lecture, speech, or presentation. You will have mastered basic information about body language so that you can use it to support your lecture, speech, or presentation.

Seminar Content

  • The right outfit
  • The right preparation
  • Introduction to vocal techniques and elocution
  • Speaking clearly during speeches, lectures, and presentations
  • Descriptive language
  • Non-verbal communication
  • The power of visualization
  • Tips for handling stage fright
  • Recording an interview, lecture, or presentation using a broadcast camcorder
  • Analyzing the recording
  • Training session in front of a live camera with professional TV equipment

You will work with a professional cameraman and broadcast camera during presentation training sessions. The session will be recorded in HD resolution, meaning even the smallest details of your body language will be visible. This makes the training sessions even more effective.

You can book presentation training sessions on an hourly basis, or as half-day, day-long, or two-day seminars, and both individual and small group training sessions are available.

Last minute speedcoaching

If you have a presentation coming up soon and would like to practice it again in advance, you have the option of booking a two-hour speed coaching session. You will receive an accelerated training on essential points, receive feedback on your presentation, and practice with a professional television team who will serve as your audience.

Speed coaching sessions are only offered as individual consultations.

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