Facilitator Training

An exhibition opening, a graduation ceremony, a gala dinner, or other festivities – the host or facilitator of an event plays a key role in its success. Captivating an audience, guiding them skillfully through the event schedule, reacting spontaneously on stage to what's happening, and doing it all with a self-confident, charming demeanor are all learned skills. In my individual or group training sessions, participants learn all the skills they need to shine as event hosts or facilitators.

Seminar Goals

You will gain self-confidence through the right preparation. You will learn tips and tricks for creating facilitator notecards. You will be able to name the fundamental principles of speaking clearly and descriptive language and apply them to your hosting. You will know what roles body language and modulation play, and will be able to apply these to your hosting as well.

Seminar Content

  • The right outfit
  • The right preparation
  • Vocal techniques and elocution
  • Speaking clearly
  • Descriptive language
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Tips for handling stage fright
  • Training session in front of a live camera with professional TV equipment
  • Analyzing the recording

Training sessions are always conducted using professional television production teams and TV equipment, which means you can practice under realistic conditions. If desired, your training session can take place in the studios of WNTV, a private broadcaster in Wiener Neustadt.

You can book event host training sessions on an hourly basis, or as half-day, day-long, or two-day seminars, and both individual and small group training sessions are available.

Last minute speedcoaching

If you will be hosting an event soon and would like to practice your skills again in advance, you have the option of booking a two-hour speed coaching session. You will receive an accelerated training on essential points, receive feedback on your hosting, and practice with a professional television team who will serve as your audience.

Speed coaching sessions are only offered as individual consultations.

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