The Trainer

Natasha Macheiner has worked as a TV journalist since 1994, and as a TV presenter and narrator since 1996. Her professional career has included positions at ORF, RTV in Lower Austria, and WNTV, a private broadcaster in Wiener Neustadt, where she has worked as an editor, presenter, and host since 2000.

In 2008, she assumed the role of editor-in-chief at the station. She also produced a total of 72 episodes of a popular science program named “Welt der Medizin,” (The World of Medicine) over the course of four years for SAT1 Austria, winning the Austrian Journalism Award for her work in 2005.

Natasha Macheiner received three years of theater training (with Rosemarie Frauendorfer and Dagmar Leitner) as well as voice and elocution training (with Ingrid Kutzner-Majkovski, Rosemarie Frauendorf, and Günter Bahr), and has enjoyed over ten years of vocal training with Sheila Edwards, Elly Wright, Inge Pischinger and Katharina Klavacs.

Natasha Macheiner

Over the course of her career, she has logged thousands of hours in front of the camera and on stage, contributed to thousands of programs as an editor and producer, and conducted thousands of interviews. Since 2010, she has also been sharing her knowledge through media and presentation training sessions. In 2015, she successfully completed her education in adult coaching at the WIFI Vienna Academy for Trainers.

The role of the trainer

A quote from Natasha Macheiner on her role as a trainer: „Since 2010, I have been helping people prepare themselves for television interviews or to host events or give speeches, lectures, and presentations. I am captivated when I get to watch one of my clients making positive progress – the light in their eyes after a successful video analysis. I am surprised at how self-critical my clients are, and inspired by how hard they work to improve themselves.”

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